Scientific Students’ Association

The university and the notion of talent management are essentially inseparable. After all, what else would be the point of university-related work if not the establishment of connections between talented young people and supervisors equipped with knowledge and experience? A well-functioning higher education sector is capable of developing a system in which young people in search of knowledge can find the right institution, major and instructors most compatible with their interests with relative ease.

The annual Scientific Students’ Association Conference is organized at most of the Hungarian universities in every academic year. At the ELTE, Faculty of Informatics, Savaria Institute of Technology the conference is organised in each November. With the help of experienced supervisors, participating students can introduce their research in a 10 minutes presentation which is followed by a short discussion. The event also gives ambitious students the chance, to get to know more about the methodology of high-level academic research and acquire the practical skills that are vital for research. Essays and presentations are evaluated by the Committe of the Association, the best ones receive valuable prizes and invited to publish the results of their research in the institutional scientific journal, Engineering and IT Solutions.

Why participation is beneficial?

  • Participation helps to improve many useful skills, such as academic writing and presentation.
  • Following graduation, the scientific work performed at the university is positively considered in case of job, master or PhD program application.
  • Conducting research in any particular field of study provides deeper knowledge compared to the usual mechanical engineering study.
  • Working together with the supervisor gives an opportunity to build professional connections and learn from an authentic person of the given field. The paper may form the basis for a larger project such as a thesis.


Registration: 22 September 2021
Paper submission: 29 October 2021
Conference: 10 November 2021


By completing the registration form below and submitting a one-page abstract of the research work, allows you for registrating to the annual Scientific Students’ Association Conference. The abstracts must be written in 2000-2500 words without whitespaces, according to this template. The deadline for the registration is 22 September 2021.

Paper submission

Papers must be edited according to the thesis work regulation of Savaria Institute of Technology in 30-50 pages. Please use this institutional cover page. The papers must be submitted in .pdf format, by using the below form. The deadline for the paper submission is 29 October 2021.

Preparing the presentation

The research work and results must be presented on the annual Scientific Students’ Association Conference in 10-12 min. Each presentation is followed by a short discussion. For preparing the presentation please use this MS PowerPoint template.